Video Post

Published on Jun 27, 2015

On June 26th, the class of 2015 held its graduation to complete the final step of high school. To end the school year with high expectations I created a graduation video that reflected on the best times the class of 2015 had. I introduced the first ever aerial shots of CBA to create visuals that no one has ever seen before. I focused mainly on creating a reflective tone as the video progressed to familiarize students of their surroundings of where these best moments took place. I also interviewed 3 students to express their thoughts on how their experiences at CBA were like. Finally I created a montage of video clips submitted to me by the class of 2015, of numerous highlights of our years at CBA.

I would like to thank Mrs Richards and the Class of 2015 for incorporating all of your clips to help create this project and I wish every graduate of the class of 2015 good luck.

All aerial footage by: Visual Appeal