The CedarBridge Academy Crest

The School Crest


Bermuda stone bridge above book (knowledge)


Bermuda Cedar tree, displaying branches and roots symbolic of growth.  Under the book, The Cedar branch detailed with berries symbolizes the potential for continuity.


Represents the Bermuda Cedar, which is the perfect symbol for durability, strength and growth.  It is something with which all Bermudians can identify whatever their age, cultural or ethnic background.  Like the student body and the school itself, it is unique to Bermuda.  The endemic Cedar, like our students, is a valuable and much treasured product of our Island.  It remains protected to this day as we try to protect our children.  With its network of roots deeply embedded in the Island’s rock, and full branches reaching upwards strongly in all directions, it amply symbolizes the hope for healthy growth of the Island’s students.

Bermuda Cedar is also stubbornly resistant to many of the adversities which have demolished lesser Island inhabitants of its kind, similar to the strength in adversity exhibited by so many Bermudians in centuries past


The intent of the school is to bridge the educational and social integration gap that currently exists, by bringing all races, cultures and religions together under one roof.  Where they can grown mentally, socially and spiritually, forming those bonds of friendship, tolerance and understanding that, like the Cedar, will endure and stand Bermuda in good stead for the future.


A Secondary School offering training and education associated with scholars, writers, artists and technicians.  It is the cornerstone of the new school that a quality education, academic, vocational, or both, is available to all students irrespective of their learning abilities.

The Motto:

UNITY – The bringing together of the races, sexes, religions and cultures so they understand, support, defend and respect each other.


– The comprehension of the knowledge that has been taught, empathy of another’s situation and the acceptance and reconciliation of the differences in the world we live.


– The growth or conversion of the young individual into a caring, responsible, trained and developed person.  Able to contribute to society in a very meaningful way.