CBA Structure

Time Table and Daily Structure


The year is divided in two semesters.

Report Cards are sent to parents at the completion of each semester.  Progress reports are sent at the end of each quarter. Students also collect data on their academic status four times during the year, excluding report card time. Courses run on a Monday to Friday schedule for either a full year or a semester course.  Each day has 9 periods and you will see all students you teach that day. You will see your students every day of the week. Each department has a Common planning period (CPT) and each teacher has at least one prep-period a day.


Please consult your Year Head to determine the structure of advisory, which will consist of Assembly, STARR, Character Education, Math Problem Solving and Advisory Team Building. Lunch is from 1:04 to 1:50 pm

Your schedule will include five instructional periods a day, one advisory, one prep period, one mandatory common planning period and one lunch period. All teachers must participate in one lunch duty per week.

Teachers are expected to participate in a co-curricular activity or tutorials, a school committee and attend a monthly staff and department meeting.  There are numerous activities and events during the school year and participation is very much welcomed.


The school is technologically well equipped and is furnished with over 500 computers and peripheral devices.  The computer network comprises of several servers, providing email, archiving, printing, administrative, CD-ROM, and the internet.  There are several fully equipped teaching labs:

  • ¨Library Labs book through the Librarian
  • ¨Two Business Studies Labs
  • ¨One Electronic Music Lab
  • ¨One Reading Lab
  • ¨One Photo lab

Each lab is equipped with 20-25 computers, and a printer.  All labs are networked providing access to all servers.  The Business, Music, Photography and Reading labs support those specific programmes.

Each classroom is outfitted with two networked computers, and each teacher is provided with a laptop computer.  Teachers use their laptops as an instructional and planning tool.  They also maintain an electronic grade book, and take attendance electronically.  Additionally, each department is equipped with LCD and overhead projectors, VCR’s and TV/Monitors.

Many teachers have become Google Teachers. Google is also the network used for lesson planning and other data gathering activities.

All users have access to the network from all points of the campus.  Students have an exclusive drive space for work storage, while teachers access the curriculum drive for all teaching resources pertinent to their department.