Do You Know CBA?

By Pier Simons

Do you know the Cedar Bridge Academy’s mission statement? Or maybe the school’s Motto? How many can state it when asked?

During this accreditation process, those are just two important items students will have to know.

The accreditation process is important to the future of Cedar Bridge Academy (CBA). The school wants the purpose of the accreditation process at CBA to show the quality of learning and display high standards in relationship to the educational standards throughout the world. This involves having to be evaluated on twelve standards. The twelve standards focus on our mission, finances and all other aspects of education as it relates to our school. The process encompasses all aspects of life at CBA and it is a very significant process which displays where the school is standing as an institution, with respect to the Middle States Accreditation Process

The advantages of accreditation is that an accredited school is held in higher esteem than a non-accredited school.  Mrs. Anderson, the health teacher and a member of the accreditation committee states “When students go off to college or university, the colleges will be looking at them and Cedar Bridge Academy. They will see that it is an accredited school with the potential of meeting higher standards. The accreditation process is performed approximately every seven to nine years.”

“For the accreditation process to work, quite a bit of work has to be done,” Consultant, Ms. Rosemary Matthews stated. “It is a unique and time consuming process that that requires a team of 12 chairpersons and three coordinators and the principal.”

The coordinators include Mrs. Joanne Anderson, Mr. Neville Zuill and Ms. Rosemary Matthews. They are required to meet and investigate the entire running of the school. Ms. Matthews said, “She finds this process to be quite different then when she was on the committee in 2007 with Dr. Jackson.

“This process consists of various surveys that must be completed per standard. The surveys are prepared for the students, teachers, parents and community personal. Also, the surveys end up taking a trip out into the community asking parents, businesses and sports people’s point of view as well. Any individual from outside Cedar Bridge Academy who is working with the school will get to do a survey and will receive feedback.

Ms. Matthews explained that based on the feedback, the school looks at the responses and sees what needs to be enhanced. If the responses are negative, the committee sits down and discusses how it can be changed and if they are good, how we can make further progress. These questions are answered by the chairpersons and the coordinators. Each standard has specific standards and the accreditation team is looking for specific indicators.

The accreditation team is a group of people from overseas who visit the school from April 10th -13th. There will be a leader and three other persons. They will interview all CBA personnel and students to ensure all information received is correct. The assessors can stop students anywhere around the school and ask a variety of questions, one of which could be “What’s the school motto?”

The students can play a major role in this process. “Always have your game on and be students of excellence,” Matthews said.  “When students take the surveys, take it very seriously and approach it with confidence. When you are asked to participate in an interview with one of the assessors, be very honest and act with integrity.”

“If the assessors are dubious about the responses they receive during the interview, they will have a discussion with the chairperson of that specific committee. Keep in mind, you want our school to gain re-accreditation,” she said.