Our Approach

You are looking at CedarBridge Academy.  We trust you will find your visit a rewarding and enjoyable one.  It is our expectation that teacher talents will contribute to helping our students to grow, develop and achieve their goals.

Our Story

Basic Information for Teachers

Teachers at CedarBridge Academy (CBA) are employees of the Department of Education assigned to CedarBridge Academy.  The Department is responsible for securing the work permit for non-Bermudian teachers. These teachers are also responsible for securing their own living accommodations.

Individuals entering Bermuda to take up residence are generally liable on arrival for custom duties of between 10% and 35% of the value of goods imported with the exception of their own clothing and most books.

Who We Are

There are over 137 staff members, which include teachers and all support personnel.  The average class size is 25 students and an advisory team manages students.  This advisory team consists of the advisor and students (1:16 ratio), an Educational Therapist, a Counselor and a Deputy Principal.  There are 3 Deputy Principals and one Principal at CedarBridge Academy.

Our History:


In September 1997 CedarBridge Academy welcomed approximately 1,000 students, its first corps of secondary students.  The first multi-purpose built senior high school was planned and established amidst much social and political talk.  It was at a period when the United Bermuda Party government strongly believed that the government system of education was not meeting the needs of secondary students.

Under the leaderships of the Hon. Gerald Simons, the Minister of Education at that time and his permanent secretary Dr. Marion Robinson the establishment of CedarBridge Academy was an integral part of the restructuring of public secondary education in Bermuda.  The term “Mega School” was negatively attached to CedarBridge Academy.  The reconstruction consisted of two high schools, Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy and five newly developed Middle Schools.  Hence on September 1997, the first principal Mr. Ernie Payette and three deputy principals, Mrs. Kalmar Richards, Mr. Carlos Symonds and Mr. John Walsh opened CedarBridge Academy.  Three years later the first Bermudian, Mrs. Kalmar Richards, was appointed to the esteemed post of principal.

The name CedarBridge which resulted from a competition to name the school, is very symbolic.

CEDAR – Represents the Bermuda Cedar, which is the perfect symbol for durability, strength and growth.  It is something with which all Bermudians can identify whatever their age, cultural or ethnic background.  Like the student body and the school itself, it is unique to Bermuda.  The endemic Cedar, like our students, is a valuable and much treasured produce of our island.  It remains protected to this day as we try to protect our children.  With its network of roots deeply embedded in the island’s rock, and full branches reaching upwards strongly in all directions, it amply symbolizes the hope for healthy growth of the Island’s students.

BRIDGE – The intent of the school is to bridge the educational and social integration gap that currently exists, by bringing all races, cultures and religions together under one roof.  Where they can grow mentally, socially and spiritually, forming those bonds of friendship, tolerance and understanding that, like the Cedar, will endure and stand Bermuda in good stead for the future.

ACADEMY – a Secondary School offering training and education associated with scholars, writers, artist and technicians.  It is the cornerstone of the new school that a quality education, academic, vocational, or both, is available to all students irrespective of their learning abilities.

Our Motto:

UNITY – The bringing together of the races, sexes, religions and cultures so they understand, support, defend and respect each other.

UNDERSTANDING – The comprehension of the knowledge that has been taught, empathy of another’s situation and the acceptance and reconciliation of the differences in the world we live.

SUCCESS – The growth or conversion of the young individual into a caring, responsible, trained and developed person – able to contribute to society in a very meaningful way.


CedarBridge serves the needs of approximately 600 of Bermuda’s children between the ages of 14 and 18.  They range in ability from physically, behaviourally and emotionally challenged to highly gifted and talented.  CedarBridge offers students an opportunity to experience a first class education in an environment that fosters the development of individual talents and interests while demanding exemplary attitudes, conduct and effort.  The staff of CedarBridge Academy holds high expectations for all students and our programmes are tailored to meet diverse needs and abilities.  Our school provides services that address the social, emotional, and academic and career development needs of students so that they can meet the ever changing and challenging demands of today’s highly technological and complex world.

Since our first CedarBridge Academy graduation in June 1998, the graduation diploma has changed twice.  The first graduates were awarded the Bermuda Secondary School Certificate (BSSC).  This was then changed to the Bermuda Secondary Certificate (BSC).  In the last five years it was changed for the second time to the Bermuda Secondary Diploma (BSD).  Our students in the Functional Academic programme are awarded the Bermuda Alternative School Diploma.  It is important to note, that our graduates experience more academic rigour today.  They must pass three external Cambridge IGCSE exams in English, Mathematics, and Biology or Physics or Chemistry in order to graduate.  The students with individual education plans (IEP) in the BSD programme must sit the exams but are not penalized if they are unsuccessful.

Our graduating students know in advance that in addition to academic success, community service, extracurricular hours, 97% attendance and a letter describing either college acceptance or a letter of employment are required in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.


Highlights of CedarBridge Academy from 1997 – 2017

Establishment of Student Government Association – 1997 onwards
Establishment of Prefect Corps – 2002
Establishment of National Honour Society – 2005
Introduction of GCSES – 2005
Introduction of AS exams – 2014
Introduction of AP exams – 2005
First Successful Accreditation – 2007
Commencement of Dual Enrolment in the Associates Programme with Bermuda College – 2014
Commencement of Dual Enrolment Technical Programme with Bermuda College – 2016
Commencement of Dual Enrolment with Middle School Grade 8 with CedarBridge Academy – 2014
Re-Accreditation Process – April 2017


The Principal

Mrs. Kalmar Y. Richards: krichards@cedarbridge.doe.bm